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PS3 / VLC HTTP direct video streaming

  1. Create an ASX (Advanced Stream Redirector) with the URL of your VLC HTTP resource (e.g. test.asx):
    <asx version="3.0">
      <title>Live Stream</title>
        <title>Live Stream Demo</title>
        <ref href="http://YOUR-IP-OF-VLC:8080" />
  2. Upload these file to a webserver.
  3. Start VLC on your computer with the IP address defined in the ASX file.
  4. Setup a new stream in VLC with these parameters:
    - Stream: type HTTP / YOUR-IP-OF-VLC / Port: 8080
    - Enable transcode: Video: mp2v / Audio: mpga
  5. Finally open the webbrowser on your Playstation3 and serve to the address of your webserver and access the test.asx file on the webserver. The PS3 now access the stream from your computer running VLC. Voilà. Of course you can use any other HTTP port.

Window Maker

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Category: DockApps
wmpager - 12 workspaces max.
wmpager is a simple workspace switcher for the Window Maker. I have modified wmpager to support the maximum of 12 workspaces. I'm not the author of wmpager! Authors Homepage can be found here.
Category: Themes
Hot Debian - A Window Maker Theme
Hot Debian is a theme which shows lava flowing under a brushed metal sheet which has the Debian logo punched into it. Under the Debian logo is a printed GNU/Linux logo.
Category: VMS
Porting Window Maker for OpenVMS
At time, I'am working on a OpenVMS port of the famous X11 window manager Window Maker. I want to serve a complete package with all required resources and a DCL build and install script.
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